Omega Tau Sigma encourages and fosters the development of well-rounded, ethical veterinarians and through them creates a better profession on the basis of friendship, cooperation, and respect for their fellow professional.

ΩΤΣ imparts to its members a desire to serve faithfully and zealously the varied needs of our animal kingdom and inspires these members with the fact that the knowledge of the job well done and the regard of clientele and colleagues far surpasses financial gain.

ΩΤΣ gives aspiring young veterinary students a chance to analytically survey the veterinary profession to ensure their best talents will be utilized in this profession before they have invested their valuable assets, youth, time, and ambition in the pursuance of an occupation that might leave their best talents dormant.

ΩΤΣ instills the principles of honesty, morality, resourcefulness, and fraternal love in all its members and, last but not least, gives these young embryonic veterinarians a chance to learn the much valued trait of living happily with a group for the mutual benefit of all.

A letter from your president

Dear Oaties:

It is with great pride that I make my first address to you as your ΩΤΣ national president. To introduce myself and my path to this position, I’m a 2018 graduate of Ontario Veterinary College, where I was Co-Worthy and Co-Most Worthy of the Delta Chapter. Though it is never easy to balance extracurriculars during vet school, there isn’t a single minute of time devoted to ΩΤΣ that I regret. My appreciation for this “framily” did not diminish after graduation, and I eagerly volunteered my time to the ΩΤΣ National executive board, which ultimately lead to my nomination. I hope that my dedication to ΩΤΣ helps strengthen our chapters, as well as reminds our alumni of all the mentors and volunteers who helped make their cherished memories of ΩΤΣ possible. Though we all live different lifestyles—that we have worked hard for!—that might not allow us to be present at our chapters or Grand Council, there are many ways to continue to show support and appreciation to your fraternity. Alumni donations not only support chapters and Grand Council, they also prove that the ΩΤΣ network exists outside of vet school! Tangible support from graduated alumni strengthens our fraternity and motivates current members to become enthusiastic alumni themselves.

Our chapters not only fundraise for chapter or class needs but are leading the way in philanthropies that benefit entire universities and their communities; they are volunteering the little time they have outside of class to help their peers overcome stress, to teach students of all ages about veterinary medicine, to bring furry friends to elderly communities, to host food drives, and so much more! There is so much pride to have in our fraternity, but the greatest gift we can give one another is lasting support. Being an Oatie doesn’t end in vet school; there are alumni out there now in who continue to support ΩΤΣ and make this all possible. I’m very excited to help lead this already outstanding fraternity into a bright future. I look forward to connecting with you all more over the next year.

Victoria Mrotz, D’18, President
Laboratory Animal Resident, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Hello, Oaties!

Although we had to suspend Grand Council at the start of the pandemic, we have been working hard to use twice yearly virtual meetings to keep chapters in touch, help keep on top of the old and novel issues chapters are facing, and maintain fraternal camaraderie.

That said, we are ecstatic to announce the first in-person Grand Council since the start of the pandemic! It will be hosted by Gamma Chapter in Columbus, OH this fall. Exciting times!

Andrew Weisenfeld, D.V.M. B’15 Grand Council Keeper of the Records and Seals (AKA Secretary)

2018 Grand Council Chapter Award Recipients

John P. Donahoe Award (Sustained Excellence): Beta Chapter T.C. Fitzgerald Memorial Progress Award (Most Improved Chapter): Rho Chapter Robert Vesper Award (Community Service): Theta Chapter Grand Council Attendance Award: Delta chapter John C. Gordon Awards J Jenni Bridges B’20, Courtney Plazek K’21, Lindsay Hannah O’20 Gonzo Olympics Award: Delta Chapter

John P. Donahue (Sustained Excellence):
Beta Chapter, Cornell U.

T. C. Fitzgerald (Most Improved Chapter):
Rho Chapter, Midwestern U.

Robert Vesper (Community Service):
Theta Chapter, U. Illinois

Grand Council Attendance Award:
Delta Chapter, U. Guelph

2018 Gordon Award Recipients:
Jenni Bridges, Β’20
Courtney Plazek, Κ’21
Lindsay Hannah, Ο’20

Gonzo Olympics Award:
Delta Chapter, U. Guelph

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Alumni, we need you!

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